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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Erotic Story: Nobody's home

She moaned and cried out, her pussy stretching to the brim.
Aisha came home from school earlier than her siblings. Normally, she would stay back to get into some after school shenanigans but that day, she decided to go home instead.
She had reached the door to her flat when she realised she did not have the keys. Normally, her older sister usually collected it from a neighbour on their way home. She was walking down the stairs when she ran into Hakeem, one of their downstairs neighbour. He was carrying a bucket filled with water and heading to their house.
"Did Daddy Aina give you our keys?" She asked him. Her mother usually left the keys with the carpenter down the street and if he had to leave his shop, he would leave it with the neighbour.
"I don't know, let me check." He said.
Aisha watched him leave. She and Hakeem had fooled around some time ago and her mind went back to those times as her eyes followed him. Although they had never had sex, they had touched each other a lot but had never had the chance to go deeper than that.
She went back to her house and waited at the door. Hakeem soon returned with the keys. She entered and she heard him follow her inside.
"Where's Tinu and Junior?" He asked her.
"They are still at school."
"So you are home alone?"
"What's your business?" She retorted, shoving him playfully.
She left Hakeem in the living room and entered the bedroom. Hakeem waited a few seconds then followed her in. He was glad the door was open and knew it was a ploy she used. She was wearing just a pair of lace white panties.
Hakeem wrapped his hands around her waist from behind.
"Stop that, Hakeem, stop it," she said, half-heartedly pushing him away. Hakeem did not let up as this was a game they always played. Eventually, she gave in and laid on the bed. Hakeem hurriedly took off his shorts and guided his dick into her open pussy.
After encountering a temporary barrier, he was able to push into her. She moaned and cried out, her pussy stretching to the brim.
His pelvic bone began to bump into her as they fucked. He was in bliss, moving his dick in and out of her tight pussy. Aisha was finally starting to get into it when Hakeem's dick gave a jerk and he came.
Knowing they did not want to get caught, he quickly wore his clothes and left, leaving Aisha wishing it had last longer.

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